July 2008
could it get any frakken hotter?

22 years of grime on the back pad give way

for the record, power washing is good clean fun

Maxwell Canney is getting bigger... 

So we were looking at the jungle the previous owners went to great lengths to over do it on.. and we decided to start pulling out the "Garden Gone Wild" and discovered these pavers sunken in the mud of the overgrown mess. This was just an idea but we'll probably pull them out and make them permanent.

These real wood louver doors were natural wood for at least 22 years (previous owners duration). They really darkened an already dark and creepy hallway, so we decided to bring a little brightness to them. 

We are "forever yard sailers" and picked up this gun cabinet for $10. It will hold 6 rifles.. or something..

still trying to bring some brightness to the creepy hallway...

finally got one of them new fangled color tv sets....

storm in the distance on a 90+% humidity day

back to de-creeping the hallway, the floor is ready for tiles.

the plywood was sealed with 4 coats of wood sealer

Carol trying out the tile cutter she bought for Fathers Day

kinda like a wet table saw. pretty cool tool, works like magic

you can tell how humid it is by the hair....

an unexpected visitor

is he landing?

back to the tiles

getting there......

45 square feet and we now know every inch of it 

the bottom of that piece of wood supporting the step is where the original floor was

finally it looks like something 

this was all dark wood, and ..um... just creepy

note to self.... check for big rocks before mowing down uncharted territory

lest one could throw a belt and bend a blade

is that the same Max from the top of the page? someone's growing....

Max set up a vacation resort in the luggage

1977 SA-2001 amp and 1981 Kenwood KT-413 tuner. Getting nostalgic with the stereo gear maybe, but there's nothing like the sound of a 'real' amp. The tuner is a real 80's piece with its servo tuner and LED signal strength meter. cool.

back to the de-creeping.. 7 layers of paint on the antique door

All that work on the louver doors pay-off

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