August 2008
Yard Sale Booty Month

We started off August with a pretty good find at a local yard sale. 4 chairs a table and crank umbrella.. $35. It's a perfect fit for the back pad. 

Out behind the kitchen window, the shrubs were getting a bit tall and looking rather renegade, so in 96 degree heat we did a little trimming.

Maxwell Canney is getting bigger... 

I've put a total of 17 miles on the Canney Family Vette since May 10th... there's something just "wrong" about that fact.

It's not all about the house all the time. Here, Carol and I are enjoying a leisurely pontoon boat ride at a company function at Luna Lake, Ohio with co-worker Jon and his lovely wife Suzy. 

Carol did a spectacular job bringing a happier palette to the kitchen.

oh that 50's kitchen sink... if only we could afford a new stainless steel sink....

why are we looking at black abs pipes where the sink should be????

well, those were the pipes, and these are the new pvc pipes and Insinkerator disposal that we bought with a hand full of Home Depot gift cards from Jeremy and Jason's families. We thank you all!

and ta-dah ! ! A BRAND NEW Moen stainless double kitchen sink we bought at a church bazaar for...

two dollars ! So, the breakdown goes like this:
Sink: $2
PVC Pipes: $10
Faucet: $59
Silicon, glue, wiring install stuff: $24
not having to scrape garbage into the trash... priceless

nailing the finishing trim to the no longer but once seriously creepy hallway

DeWalt nail gun.. seriously cool

cutting new hinge seats in the door trim with a hand chisel. There's another "new" thing (along with plumbing) I experienced this month

After power washing the antique train station bench last month, Carol applies some protection and a base color

Each will point fingers at the other, but this tic-tac-toe was etched 20 years ago by one of my boys...

on this yard sale book case we bought at least 25 years ago. There's some beautiful wood under that paint, as Carol begins the process of revealing it's hidden identity.

another great find for the upstairs bathroom

ALMOST done with Carol's freshly stripped, sanded and painted antique door (see handle) from the mudroom

Carol attacks the upstairs bathroom vanity, unchanged since 1973

how hot was it today? It was this hot

behind the barn board in the great room

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