September / October 2008
lotta little things....

Still struggling with the drop off in fuel pressure after warm up.

We picked up this radial arm saw for $75 at a yard sale season closer

The quest for At-At finds it was being held captive by Batman's plane

Wall of the great room. Barn boards removed and patches and painting commences

as well as having to install all new outlets to replace the ones that were 3/4" further out due to the barn board

that frakking spackle dust gets into everything 

looking out the kitchen window

it rained

hiding behind the barn board... a previous craftsman's secret

every single wall had a story to resolve. This where the pocket door is was one of the worst

Then one day we went to Home Depot for a light switch and came home with 1800 pounds of split bags of Quikrete for $10

Carol finished up the upstairs vanity. We still need to get the 1973 installed vinyl tiles off the floor though

Like a one trick pony, this may be the 10th adaptation of this doggie gate that replicates the original Ronnie Crompton design from 1972. However, it is worth noting that all the frame work on this is all from the barn board we removed off the walls in the great room. I never had a table saw before... who knew you could do all this with a simple saw.

Back to the wall... it's coming along. Carol's priming. But how come those DIY shows get it all done in a 1/2 hour?

The sequence below ( a bit like a comic book), is the discovery of yet another 1,000 pound iron bowl.. (maybe it's the baby of the bomb nose) and after shoveling packed dirt for an hour, we got it empty and moved it and reassigned it's duties

I wonder what it would fetch at a recyclers

Max is going through a stage of chase me around the yard, so for a while, a leash is mandatory (it's a big yard)

back to the wall... this is an interim coat

and after a 2 week drought, the cellar wet wall was dry enough to dry lock. (Its good Carol likes painting)

dawn of the change

somewhere in the month, I decided it was time to build (or at least start) a model. But you can see the final color we chose for the great room wall behind the 1/8th scale T-Bucket. Its the color of a regular coffee.

ah yes.. a cord of wood looks like....

who's gonna stack all that wood?

a final shot of the wall


We don't have a name for the tree but it sure dies pretty don't it?

Max helps with the cleanup

and what would October be without Halloween? This is our neighbor across the street's house.

awaiting the goblins and ghouls a trickin' and treatin'

and as quickly as they arrive

they depart...

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