November 2008
man that flew by!

Remember that gun cabinet we picked up at a yard sale a few months ago? Well, we used some of the removed barn board from the great room to build some shelves and now it's holding some of my models.

Here, Max is adding support for the outlet replacements on the east wall in the great room

November 16th and it's snowing.. geez.. where did we move into?

and then it really did snow..

Like 8 inches worth...

This is the wall of the server room. Old style hairy plaster and no real insulation (pink stuff we found in the barn)

This is gonna be a bit of work

Thanksgiving in Danvers Mass at Shawn and Maria's

Shawn and Maria's new home..


a brief respite with Grandma

Matthew Dunn's 4th Birthday, complete with dinosaurs..

Fun and games in the back yard hunting for dinosaur eggs...

Devin Morrow's bubble blower froze up


and dinosaur egg smashing...

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