December 2008
Logs on the fire...

This is a Christmas Cactus. It's been "sleeping" since we got it but then.. all of a sudden....

My doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes and said I need to exercise.. how'm I doin' doc?

This is Ellie, a home made maid on her way to Colorado

Carol preps the room for a ceiling repaint

The server room..

This little 4 x 9 room was a closet with water damaged walls

The blown in insulation only partially filled the cavity

So we ripped out all the hairy plaster and slat boards and stuffed the walls with pink stuff

and sheet rock and electrical outlets (there were none before)

What I like about sheetrock is how inexpensive it is.

This is the east wall, and those are the back side of the shingles

This is where the servers and pc's will be going

14/2 and 12/2 electrical wire however is not inexpensive, but I don't want to do this again.

So when the built in shelves and desk go in, we'll be warm, dry and up to code.

This is the existing wiring from the previous owners. 16 gauge.

Same wall, different owner. 

This is the inside wall backed up to the office. What was removed here is what you see on te backside of the wall. Hairy plaster.. 

And so this is Christmas.. These cool tools were purchased with gift cards from Jim and Pat, and Jeremy, Karla and Cayla. Gotta love them. Max is comparing our toys ...

to his toys.

baby needs a new pair of shoes... seriously, doing home repairs in slippers ain't cool.

Carol scored one of those gee pee ess thingies. No excuse for getting lost now.

I always wonder how houses can stand for 200 years and these studs taught me why. They are so hard and tough, I had to drill pilot holes for the sheet rock screws. tough stuff...

30's addition..  meet cat-5 and real electrical wire.

check out my new '32 Ford Santa brought!

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