April & May 2009
bye bye snow

there's a whole bunch of fung schway stuff in a page of it's own, but if this looks cold..

it's because it is.... count the bushes in the background...

still burning disgusting wood from last year and the downstairs bathroom

back to the red room

The front door finally gets a screen door

and then there were 4... so where did the other 3 go... hmmmmm

well, as it turns out, they weren't doing so well in the shade, so they went across the yard to where the sun always shines.

keep your eyes on the flower beds. there is change in the wind....

oh yeah, we picked up a nose for the vette (14 years later) lets see how long it is before it actuall gets mounted...

from "Juliet's balcony" the blooming begins way out back..

I have no idea what kind of tree this is but it's pretty one week a year

decisions decisions decisions....

ever the yard salers, we spotted a tiller for $150. now... one can argue that you can rent a tiller for $50/4 hours.... goodbye flower garden from hell

so we're in the hole (pun) for $100

then there was this bee hotel Carol petitioned it's life spared. (God I love this truck)

so.. fine.. we'll just move it to...

someplace where we don't care the killer bees are

this lawn/tractor is really turning out to be quite handy

there... that should keep momma happy

This was the driveway for the previous owners and is going to be grass someday. -$50 more (in the hole now $50)

the blooming continues

... till... there was youuuuuuuu

another weekend... another -$50 in tiller rental fee's. Cha Ching baby and bye bye flower bed gone wild #2

I need a plate compactor. This manual labor is killing me :)

the term we used as kids "go grassing" is taking on a new meaning

yes Max, you can mark your territory in a couple of minutes..

A Memorial Day PARADE in walking distance!

Hey.. it's a tiny town..maybe t-shirts and jeans IS their uniform!

Cub Scout float

Brownies Float

'57 Chevy

'62 Corvair

1953 Buick Roadmaster

1967 Buick Skylark (this tiny town has some cool cars)

look at the driver and passenger.. this picture could have been right out of the hippy era

some military vehicles...

I wish my Dad was here. He'd be able to fire off all the models and years

a horse is a horse of course of course

okay.. break's over. back to work. hell garden #3 to hell

did I mention the bomb nose is completely full of dirt? look how freakin big it is.

so where's the dirt going?

why it's probably going back to where it was 30 years ago... back in the yard

....glad she likes to paint... cuz I don't

grass good. bee's bad

till we till again...

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