June, July, August, September 2009
'we've been having fun all summer long'

while we were up to our asses in bathroom downstairs, Carol has been steadily working away at the red room.

and we continued to wrestle the flower beds gone wild

more bathroom moments

and our ebay rider stopped mowing so we got a good deal on a new one from our buddies at home depot

Then the blue Denver double recliner couch gave it up and we bought some grown up furniture

saw this on my annual company business trip

wassup Max?

..when all of a sudden one day... balloons filled the sky.

still more bathroom.

new shocks for the vette

I just want to drive my car..

and I finally got the fuel system problem fixed.. 5 psi 1, 10, 100 minutes later.. 5 psi is good.

more bathroom... (MAKE IT STOP!!)

they're baaaaaaaaack!

and then ...

the revelation doing the bathroom... I need a work bench.. so lets make some room


yeah... these rickity old shelves ain't what I had in mind for a work bench....

30 years ago, there was "the bench" on Waterhill St in Lynn... that house was torn down... we can rebuild it... better.. stronger.. faster...

wait... maybe not faster

this is just the start, I can tell...

Max likes to lay in the shade

Wave goodbye to summer, Carol

did I mention the wall Carol built ???..

till we till again...

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