October 2009

Hay, pipe and posts.. somethin scary's a brewin'

wow the summer flew by.. now... a little cleanup before the leaves fall and the snow flies

Carol's digging the power washer.. Max is avoiding the overspray

really Max... we wouldn't hit you with the power washer

Now this is kinda scary.. My best guess id the original barn was built in the 1900's as a 2 bay building in the north east corner of the property. The previous owner didn't exactly keep up on repairs to it though...

This is damage to the wall where the "window" was. Without the center beam, the weight of the barn is pushing the wall out.

the 20 ton jack returns. Its pretty scary how powerful this thing actually is

now what..

well.. we have a slight reverse grade in that corner of the house and had huge ice stalagtytes last winter, so we're burying a drain from the inner corner where the mud room meets the kitchen..

like here..

'31 Packard (I think)

while Carol was setting up the Halloween display

you know our roots originated in Salem Massachusetts?

readying Area 1255

the spooky characters arrive


This little township really gets into Halloween.



oh right... the finished pipeline..

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