November 2009

Wood pile arrives... must be time to fall

she offered to stack.. who am I to deny her?

Carol's bringing a load of leaves from the front to....

add to the burn pile in the back

Strike a match......

Stir it up.. (little darlin') <-- old song from the 70's.

strike a pose...

it actually took 2 full weekends to burn off all the leaves we get from 3 humongous maple trees..

last winters surprise icycle staglimites revealed a very tired pair of kitchen windows..

hopefully these new windows will help keep the winter out there and not in here like last year..

oops.. forgot the trim work

adding a little support to the front of the barn

last of the leaves...

last of the leaves.. (did I already say that?)

the cookbook is out... it must mean it's time for....


road trip to Tyngsborough pit stop in Nowhere, PA.

Thanksgiving at Shawn & Maria's.. a new tradition

digestive meeting in the Dunn's great room..

and a proud set of grand parents and grand kids

lunch at the 99 in Lynnfield with Mom and big sis Roberta

I call this.. "First to Last" .. wait.. ummm "Start to Finish".. ummm. maybe "1 2 7".. you get the idea

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