April 2010
April come she will
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain - Paul Simon

The power of snow so overwhelmed me, so much, there has to be a better way..

Here, I'm trying out the plow controls on a 1978 Jeep CJ5 as the owner, Ryan, looks on, preparing to defend his 1650 asking price

"it's a little rusty in spots you can't see in these pictures.."

Ryan is steadfast on the $1650... hope he finds a sucker that will pay it

back to "Pat's room" .. we came up with a plan to utilize that 15 year old linen closet we bought back in New Hampshire that will blend it in with the country theme of the house..

all those 'design on a dime' shows are paying off. We bought some close out trim and viola !

pretty cool eh?

so the closet's done..

and now.. the rest of the story...

wow.. what a disgusting rug..

Carol pulled up the rug from 1973....

but first.. back to the "Jeep with a plow"-quest.. We found a '91 Jeep about 50 miles away in way better shape both rust-wise and generally repect-wise.

wow those wheels are rusty..

see that root blob behind Carol? The Jeep pulled that out of the ground where she's planting...


that $50 garden trailer gets a lot of work...

A few before pics as Pat's room gets a make-over...

particle board... gawd I hate particle board...

baby, Im blue.. a little too cool a blue actually.. so Carol mixed up a custom blend

50% of this.. 45% that.. a bat's wing.. snake eyes.. a lock of hair from a ...

it's all in the details..

did I mention how much I hate painting? I think it goes back to when I was fixing up Joe Nekoroski's slum apartments.. Joe was the original slum dog millionaire hmm. my hairs getting a little thin in the back....

the babies are growing..

Max.. hand me the tape measure... Max.. Max?.

Pat's floor is 'coming out of the closet' .. okay.. hokey.. but I had to say it..

day 1 of Pats floor

day 2 ... (ouch my knees,,, ouch ouch ouch)

3 days, 1 cut finger, 2 sore knees

it's getting there...

Ice cream run.. that must mean....

The Jeep is legal and passed it's anal probe

I forgot how much fun driving a Jeep can be.. maybe I can get a trailer someday and re-live my days as a landscaper when I was driving a flat fender CJ ..

Carol rewarded me though, for all my hard work with a set of wheels .. now.. doesn't that make a world of difference?

SOooo.. way back in 2008, Carol gave me a new radio for xmas for the vette.. but.. that's soon to be history, soooo....

cool factor... blue tooth hands free cell phone connection.. no tickets for Paul..

plow justification.. I'm not THAT spoiled....

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