June & July 2010
.Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin' burned and pretty...
-Lovin' Spoonful 1966

After the fire went out on the grill Jason gave me 12 years later, Carol thougt my fire needed relighting....

Beef.. good source of iron..

fourth of July.. Carol keeps the 3 year tradition alive

power washing is hot wet fun..

this would be a good spot to toss the old football around.. if we had one..

..don't ask (hey.. it was $5)

the old driveway is becoming a fading memory

lazin' time on a sunny afternoon

trimming the view with our new matching do rags

humidity at 81 %.. reminds me of that trip to the Bahamas....

an unscheduled trip to Coldstone's means either we have a house guest or..

and we finally finished Pat's room too.

HEY! who's truck is that in our driveway?

Bob and Fran dropped by on their way back to Osh Kosh from Salem, so we went out to Marie's Italian Restaurant in Wadsworth.

Max is showing them around the Sharon Center House of Canney....

after a night of chatter, the girls prepare breakfast..

for the final meal at the old glass table. .

just an overnight stay, but ever so enjoyable to reunite with family

and then they were gone.. but Casey hitched a ride with Bob and Fran and is checking out his new home, with his awaiting beau, Laura..

back in May we got a great deal on a prehung entry door.. which means this piece of Americanan history has to go. It's fitting that this picture is 3 dregrees off axis

This isn't the first door we've put in, but it is the first entry door, so it's gotta be right.. So.. beginning at 10am...

okay.. it's out.. now what..

hey.. the old door was 30 inches wide.. the new one is 36..

we're gonna need a bigger hole

cutting aluminum siding with a plywood blade mounted backwards in a circular saw.. another first for me

here's why it's good to keep a few spare 4x4's hanging around...

and somewhere around 7 pm.. it fits!

and locks

trim and fill work..

I'm sure it could have been more humid, but I don't think we'd have noticed

and a new screen.. now we can get some cross air in the mud room

and the finishing touches to the outside trim

this is the view from our next door neighbor's yard.

personally, I think we've done a LOT to bring up the quality of the neighborhood.

Oh yeah.. at 50 cents.. this yard sale football just fits the bill..

and thanks to Obama, I've been taking the vette to work everyday. Sorry, It's not for sale anymore :)

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