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..Bother Me Tomorrow, Today I buy no sorrows, doo doo doo, lookin' out my back door (ccr 1970)

wow the summer flew by.. now... a little cleanup before the leaves fall and the snow flies

Carol's touching up the trim work.. Max is being Max

we didn't take a whole lot of pictures in August.. don't have an excuse. But a 1/2 cord of wood usually indicates a change about to come..

So we've had a recurring leak in the kitchen when the water freezes in the gutter so we're going to take a look see...

peeling off the aluminum trim reveals some heavily water damaged wood..

so we keep digging to reveal a bit of shoddy work that probably goes back to the 1940's when the mud room was added on

what is revealed is an eave with no way to breathe, so water has no way to evaporate..

which resulted in now dry rotted wood. for the record, I don't recommend anyone ever buy an older home with vinyl and/or aluminum siding. That shit can hide a lot..

so we start with some pressure treated one by eights and start building a foundation..

and then we start peeling back the shingles which actually simply crumble

this is gonna suck.. I can just tell..

we'll get back to the roof mementarily, but 1st, more wood

Max has an unexpected urge...

to climb the wood pile!?!

back to the tear down... It rained 1 day in August.. but the storm clouds are gathering..

and the heat has subsided, more wood is being test fitted



umm.. We ain't ne'er fixed a roof before

tar paper, shingles, sheathing.

and whatever that black gooky stuff is called that never comes out of your skin

It's October.. here's a ghostly vision..

this was really dragging on.. we're only midway through this web page..

and then the plan starts coming together..

getting there..

so close...

just need that gutter .. ta dahhh!

Max appears to be going through a climbing phase...

the leaves begin to fall..

the leaves are pretty when they turn and peak on the tree

one realization during the roof excercise is we need a work bench..

a really really big work bench...

so the 1st half is 2 feet by 8 feet...

glue for the top. this baby aint going anywhere

Carol finishes of the top..

a cord (not a chord of course)

1st fire of the season...

look closely at the picture below.. man with chain saw.. tree enroute to gound

we hate this tree so much.. all it does is crap on the lawn..

die you bastard.. die..

and those pretty leaves at their peak a week ago are now lawn fodder

Man 1, tree 0

yep.. definately a phase...

1/3rd of the leaves ready for..

a smoky ending...

die tree die.. burn leaves burn

and then..

hey.. wanna see something REALLY SCARY? Only those that 'know' know whats scary here....

this is how it ends..

no.. it's Halloween.. we need a scary ending...

We may have spent just as much on candy as we did on the roof or the work bench

but really... this is still scarier..


get off my vette!

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