November / December 2010
closing out another tough year...

How embarrassing, it's November 23rd, and this is the 1st picture of the month. We're packing to head to Massachusetts

Hammersmith in Saugus, with Natalie and Mum...

Turkey day at Shawn and Maria's

old blue eyes

a camping buddies reunion

Devin, Auntie Carol, Masie & Nana

December 1st, the potential to try out the plow!

come on already, stop teasing me


it wasn't a lot, but it was enough

Carol stacking wood... I could watch her work for hours

Our third Christmas here and we finally got to go out and check the neighbors lights

we had to do some searching.. this isnt like the Lynn Fells Parkway

We thought we could use this next year for our Christmas card

personally, I think THIS would make an excellant Christmas card!

How I spent my Christmas vacation...

I'd like to take credit for this picture of the lighthouse on Whiskey Island on Lake Erie, but this is from our local news station website...

every time I see a sea gull on the water, I remember my Dad.

and then... here's where a camera malfunction decided we didn't need any Christmas morning pictures....the 1st time in 39 years..

did I mention the plow?

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