January, February and March

So we're watching tv around 9:30 on January 18th when we hear this loud BANG!

So I arose from my chair to see what's the matter, no rein deer hooves or that kind of clatter

apparently texting and driving are not easy to do on a windy road as this van took out 3 shrubs from the front lawn

The driver took off after totalling his van, of course, I had heard him trying to rock back and forth out of this conundrum...

We don't have local police here. We have Sheriffs and Ohio Highway Patrol. So response time was a little over an hour.

Luckily, no one was inside the van dying... in fact,, he took off.

Tree 1, Van 0

Van 1, Shrubs 0.. More on this area later.........

This is where the unemployed shop. I'm a Canney. I'm a survivor

February 4th and this is all the snow we've had so far. There goes my "white money" (plowing drives) I was hoping to supplement my unemployment with..

really cold, where's the friggin snow already?

These ice cream cakes are addictive.. and they aren't so good for diabetics either..

Maxwell, Laura and Casey hanging out by the


The story here is, I have a leak in my oil pan, not on a seal, dead center on the face of the sump. More on this later as well....

I did mange to finish a model I have have wanted most of my life. Lots of free time these days.. actually two models.

The year gets more interesting.. I promise..click here..