April, May, June

This is the view from under the Jeep while working on the leaky oil pan

Ever wonder "what's inside" an engine? Here's a peek..

This is the starter of the Jeep. How can electricty pass through all that rusty crud.. the answer is IT CAN'T

Thank goodness for Advance Auto Parts for taking Paypal. Picked a new oil pan up for about $66. (made in Canada, eh?)

One thing leads to another. Along with a new starter, replaced the brakes, rotors and shocks

all tolled, it was about $300

but wait, there's more ..

this is how stuff gets done when there's no one around to help.. air tools.. love them..

but wait.. there's more..

We'll get back to the Jeep..but first, Carol helping me build another work bench...

Luckily, we had all this stuff hanging around left over from the 2010 bench build.

Only this year, we had an air nail gun, and lots of power tools got this built in a week.

May not seem like much to you, but it's heaven to me.

Here's Max helping keep the grounds safe while I work in the garage

The West Wing..

Here's the jungle where the van plowed in back in January. I always wanted to thin the area out anyways, so this is "Project: Deforestation"

4 wheel drive.. good for yanking stuff out of the ground..

full pull

the ground in actually covered with ivy like greenery. critter heaven..

So lets just break out the tiller and start over

Still a lot of raking and seeding ahead of us. I could have done this with hand tools.. 40 years ago

The railroad ties quatrand off the area before, but they also keep run off from draining down away from the foundation, so out the come. (they were all rotted anyways)

3 different days of tilling and it's ready. So now we seed, we water, we wait...

annnnnnnnnnd off to the back yard.. there's grass to grow out there as well. If this looks like the remnants of a gravel driveway that's been roto tilled, you're right.

I could watch her work for hours... This is the 4th of 5 cart fulls of dirt from the front (talk about being green huh?) covering the gravel driveway in the back

seeded and watering.. now GROW DAMN IT!

a couple of weeks later

It's better than watching paint dry

Have you met my little friends?

As I promised, back to the Jeep briefly, I picked up these plow light and custom wheel for $4 total at a yard sale

see how pretty they are when cleaned up

This is turning into the "Year of the Jeep". Next year better be "Year of the Dune Buggy"

and this parting shot.. Looks like Louise .. is... OUTAHERE!