1960 Ford Falcon

These pictures are from July 1970 and was the 2nd Falcon I had owned. Of course, it didn't look like this when I was driving it. It was actually a near rust free 10 year old six cylinder automatic that my Dad absolutly loved. In fact, there were many a day I would come home from work (car pooling with my buddy Dan) only to find Dad had taken off in my car ! AGAIN !.

Anyways, Carol and I were out cruising and crossing Vinnin Square in Swampscott Mass when Miss Massachusetts decided to turn left into us. Carol poked a hole in the windshield with her head. Obviously, seat belts were not cool back then..

I was advised to seek legal concil by my brother in law and we retained the services of Gordon S Mirkin who floundered around for 6 years and 11 months before finally settling for $1200. (just a bit under the $10,000 the insurance company was going to pay me back in 11970 without the crap shit lawyer).

Oh, and Carol is fine (at least thats what we tell her :)

So what kind of car was Miss Massachusetts 1969 driving? A 1956 Oldsmobile Wagon of her father's. Nice to come from money.

She lived in Marblehead, though it is not recorded in the wikipedia article

Martha Cawley Miss Massachusetts 1969.