1977 Dodge pickup.... (The green monster)

I picked this up for $100 with no back window or pickup bed. But I lucked out and got a bed for $50, and added a window. Oh.. it had no floor to speak of. There's the transmission peeking in.

Not knowing how to weld, I bought some sheet metal and had a pop rivet party one day....

Eventually the truck started to come around. My wife HATED it because the passenger door stuck and she could never get it open.

Here's a funny little tryst about this truck:

One Saturday I was on my way tick up my son Jeremy from his after school job at Burger King. As I was driving down Boston Street on my way to get him, I stopped for a light and this 20-ish year old girl hopped in the passenger side door and said she needed a ride to work at the GE (which was exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction that I was heading. !! Despite my explaining I was on my way to pick up my son, "Debbie", as she called herself said it really wasn't a problem, that we could pick him and then drop her off... Okayyyy....

.So on the 2 mile ride to pickup up Jeremy, "Debbie" went on about how her boyfriend (named Jeremy), had just broken up with her and that wasn't right because she thought she may be pregnant and..


even though he was a few years younger than her, he should be responsible for his actions.... 

Yeah, I was getting a little pissed. The combination of "Debbies" perfume, her story, and the images of MY baby getting involved with this hooker .. so I figured, as I pulled into Burger King, that if these two recognize each other I'll just flip out and kill the both of them. (figuratively)

As it turned out, "Debbies" underage ex wasn't the Jeremy I cared about. So we drove her to work.

Later that night, at the dinner table, Jeremy said something to the effect of , "So Dad, did you tell mom about the hooker we picked up today?"


She never bought the story and every time she looked at the green monster, that visual came rushing back. Eventually I sold it to the trash picking junk store owner/neighbors (literally) we had. (We called them the Sanfords).

The plan was to paint it up in Camouflage paint.. kind of Army looking.. never happened though

In the picture below, the wooden planks that the dune buggy is sitting on is what was the pickup bed when I bought the truck.

fancy blue wires, cap, oil change


I shoulda done that camo paint job