1981 Dodge Omni

What an piece of shit this thing was. Times were tough and after all the cool things I'd heard about the Omni / Horizon / Rabbit with a 5 mile work commute each way. I picked this up for $500. I can't tell you how many cold mornings I had to pull to the side of the highway waiting for the vapor lock to finally clear.

I picked up the 4 lug Cragars at the PV Speed Shop in Malden and they sure added a cool factor, but the car was just unreliable.

The car failed a New Hampshire safety inspection because of a knocking sound in the front right strut. The guy said... just pick up a new strut bearing and it'll be okay. He said it was a five minute job. I DID ask about a spring compressor, but he said there wasn't any tension on the bearing.

He was wrong. The spring unloaded on me and almost blinded me. 7 stitches later....

what an ass.