1984 Cadillac Eldorado

I saw a Jeep Grand Wagoneer in a buy here, pay here lot in Malden Massachusetts, and stopped to check it out. Unfortunately when the engine started, it sounded like it had marbles rolling around inside the engine so I pased on it.

Sitting next to the Jeep though was this 1984 Eldorado. I sat in it and just had to have it. The blue seats were well worn, so I went to my favorite junk yeard and bought a complete white leather interior out of a matching Caddy.

I forget what I paid for this in 1995, but I'm leaning towards $2400 for some reason.

This was a cool ride for the very short time I owned it.The automatic ride leveling was a nice tough and it handled nice. The only reason I traded it back into that same dealer was to grab a 1986 Fiero GT (also listed in this auto-history somewhere).

I remember going to pick up Carol at the airport in this with Jason and his girl friend Darlene. As we waited quietly by the drive up 'arrivals' door, Darlene started singing along to the Eagles "Desperato" which was playing in the radio, but substiuting the word Eldorado.