1984 Pontiac Fiero

We bought this for Carol and no matter what anyone ever tells you, Fiero's were fun cool.. until they broke.

All the outer skin on the Fiero's was plastic. Not plastic like the fiberglass Corvette, but.. plastic that had a certain amount of 'give'.

I forget what we paid for this in 1995, but I'm leaning towards $1400 for some reason.

It had been hit on the right front somewhere in it's past which resulted in a broken headlight actuator as well as a small chunk broken fron the right fender. This was an automatic (the safer bet for these tight tolerenced autos)

Along with the winking headlight, the driver window intermittently didn't want to go down (way better than not wanting to go up) So Jason and I attacked that issue..

The Fiero was a cool little 2 seater. It was a little challenging to go food shopping in it as the rear trunk was narrow and deep (behind the mid engine), but she never complained. Unfortunately, the little four cylinder engine spun a bearing later in 1995, and that, was that.