1986 Pontiac Fiero GT

Okay. This was just a blast to drive. It was like driving a slot car.

Although I was cruising in the '84 Eldorado this was a have to have it purchase. The only thing "wrong" with this was the leather sterring wheel padding had failed. So an easy fix was one of those Grant steering wheels that you could still buy in just about any major store back then.

Later in 1995, Jason took over the payments and the car developed a nasty habit of just just quiting. It turned out to be the fuel pump, but that took a few tries for the dealership to accurately diagnose and repair it correctly..

Notice there isn't a wing. It never had one thankfully, and to me, it really made the car look much more aerodynamic and clean.

At the end of 1996 we moved to Denver and took this with us. It was a great little car until the clutch went. A friend's fiancee who ran the Jim Witt Pontiac service deparment back in Mass had told me once, that if you replace the clutch to NOT resurface the flywheel. Boy was he ever right as the blockheads who replaced the clutch DID resurface the flywheel, which resulted in extended throw for the hydraulic clutch slave. Their fix for this was to jam a nut onto the clutch rod end.. long story.. that didnt work and was the final demise. We sold it in Denver for $900..



When it ran, it was the fucking balls.