1992 GEO Storm GSi

This was a cool little car. Kinda like a baby Camaro.

I had watched a video on the Motorweek weekly tv show and the reviewer (Beth Stein) hasd all sorts of good things to say about it

So we took a trip to the local Chevy dealer and though they didn't have a GSi Storm (high performance) they were able to locate one in Vermont that they ordered up for us, and 2 days later she was waiting for us.

We traded in the blue Lumina APV mini van on it and because the Lumina was in such great shape they used it as a giveaway for a contest they were running.

Because we were both commuting 70 miles each way to work from New Hampshire to Massachusetts we car pooled together. This dual overhead cam 4 cylinder engine was very good on gas, and the 5 speed manual transmission made it a blast to drive.

Not quite as tiny as a Fiero, the rear seat really had zero headroom for anyone over 5' 5". The tires were Z rated, and I thought the directional wheels were really a nice touch. The car was absolutely useless in snow though and was only with us for 14 months and 38,000 miles.

20 years later, you just don't see these anywhere anymore. That doesn't say much for longevity...