2006 Ford Mustang GT

Her name was Daisy.

Seriously... The best car I ever owned.. ever! 

I could have had the worst crap ass day in work, but 1 turn of the key in this and all that just went away...

Corsa cat back exhaust, deluxe dash upgrade, 6 cd 1000 watt stereo... my bloods pumping just thinking about it again..

and because I was spoiling myself like crazy with this, I had the dealership install a Hurst Competition + shifter.. too much? so what!

oh.. right.. sequential tail lights as well.

Daisy got it's name because of the 18" wheel design.

I got my first ever speeding ticket (REALLY) in Daisy. Right in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium. 72 in a 50.. at lunch. Normally, when driving rush our the median speed is around 80, (it's a HIGHWAY!) but, I got some dick weed cop with a bug up his ass who could barely write, never mind speak intelligent english... fucker!

He even sited me for no front plate (dealer had ordered a mount I was waiting for it to come in)

He even tried to cite me for truck (the green 2001 Ranger) plates.

Asshole pig aside... I really miss this, but ... I needed a truck and a Corvette more than a Mustang and a Corvette.