Stone Free



So there's this little ugly part of the yard where the land drops.. well, make that.. has washed away from years of heavy rains.

So we broke out the tiller and dug a trench.

That we layed down a quicky form and gravel we'd picked up at a yard sale last year at a buck a bucket.

and we used up most of the concrete we bought at Home Depot last year...

and then we collected a lot of the rocks we have found while digging out all those "flower beds gone wild"

and so it begins..

more mortar

backside will be buried under dirt so it's not necessary to be too pretty



the pipe is a drain that we perforated and buried in gravel before the dirt

puttin back the dirt

we've gotten a lot of use from our yard sale tiller

the dirts really rocky so we bought 30 bags of top soil (1200 pounds)

seeded and the watering commences

12 days later we have baby grass

so $30 in dirt, $5 in gravel, $5 worth of concrete $5 worth of grass seed and and mortar... but.. the Stones were free :)